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Product overview

Known as “magnetic king”, Sintered NdFeB is the third generation rare earth permanent magnet material and the strongest permanent magnet material in the world with excellent magnetic properties widely used in automotive industry, industrial motors, consumer electronics, clean energy, aerospace and other fields; the main component of the magnet is Nd2Fe14B, which has extremely high magnetic properties. 

Its BH max is more than 10 times higher than that of Ferrite, and the maximum working temperature can reach 250 ℃. Its mechanical properties are also quite good. It is suitable for grinding, wire cutting and drilling and other different processing methods; Due to its poor corrosion resistance, the surface must be coated with different coating processing (e.g. coating with Zn, Ni, Au, Epoxy, etc.) according to different requirements.

Key features

NdFeB magnet is prepared by powder metallurgy method and its chemical composition is Nd2Fe14B, which has excellent magnetic properties. Its advantages are high demagnetization resistance and high cost performance. 

while its disadvantages are relatively strong temperature dependence and relatively weak corrosion resistance, but after appropriate coating or electroplating plus choosing products of different degrees of coercivity in different use environments, NdFeB can be able to meet different customer requirements.